Best Rebate Apps of 2021 - Planning The Magic (2023)

Rebate apps have completely changed the way we shop, earn, and save money. They help you earn cash back on purchases made from your favorite retailers on all of your favorite brands.

In fact, many people believe they are better than coupons. With coupons, you save a small percentage on an item, but rebate apps allow you to earn money as you shop. You can get this money back in a lump sum through the app where you’ve made several purchases.

There are hundreds of rebate apps available, so I’ve compiled a list of the best on the market to help you find the right deals for you and your family.

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Ibotta is by far one of the most popular cash back apps on the market today and for a very good reason. They focus on groceries, but they offer rebates on many of the most popular brands for anything you typically find in your local grocery store – everything from cereal to shampoos and dog food.

Ibotta even has rebates for off-brand items. You don’t just earn cash back in brick mortar stores: you can make money from shopping online as well.

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Ibotta is incredibly easy to use. Just sign up and find offers for items you plan to pick up on your next shopping trip. When you buy those items, scan your receipts to earn your cash back. You can see money in your account usually within twenty-four hours. You can redeem your cash back earnings via PayPal or gift cards.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is pretty much like Ibotta. You sign up and find offers within the app from your local grocery stores. You scan your receipts to earn money back on your purchases.

The most significant difference between Checkout 51 and Ibotta is that Checkout 51 allows you to redeem receipts from virtually any store you shop at, not just the ones on their list.

For many people, this makes this rebate app better than Ibotta, but that’s for you to decide and really depends where you shop.

Even though Checkout 51 does tend to overlap offers from Ibotta, there are also many more offers on this app that aren’t available on Ibotta. Keep in mind, if you want to double your earnings, you can use both apps on the same items with one trip to the store.

Another plus to Checkout 51 is that you can redeem a majority of their offers up to five times meaning you can buy more than one of each item in a single transaction and redeem a rebate for each item. Their rebates also get better the more you use them. The more you use the app, the more access you have to choose your own offer rebates. You can apply these savings to literally anything you want.

Offers reset on Thursday of each week. However, there are bonus offers every Wednesday, This allows you to receive a bonus on Friday.

You must have a minimum of twenty dollars in rebates to cash out. The downside is, you have to wait for a check to come in the mail. This tends to steer users away from this app, as most people prefer instant rewards.



Shopkick is a rebate app like no other. They offer many options for taking advantages of rebates. You earn “kicks” by just scanning the barcode of items in stores.

It’s that easy. You don’t have to purchase the item. Just pull up the app while on your shopping trip and work it like a scavenger hunt. Plus, some stores will give you kicks just for walking through the door. Lastly, you can earn kicks by shopping and scanning your receipts. You also have the option to get kicks from shopping online at their partner retailers.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward is an app that pays you to upload pictures of your receipts from your shopping trips. However, Fetch Rewards is different from apps of its kind in several ways. There are no surveys to take or boring videos. You don’t have to show you’re going to make a purchase or scan barcodes of items you’ve purchased. They also don’t pay users with cash – payouts are made with gift cards.

To get started, simply download the Fetch App. Once the download is complete, sign up with your email or Facebook. You’ll be prompted to choose the state you live in and enter your phone number. Once the setup process is complete, you’ll see two different ways to earn points. These are brands and special offers.

With Brands, you’ll earn points when you purchase a qualifying brand of any product. Scan your receipt with the fetch app. The amount of points you earn reflects how much the product costs. For every ten cents spent on a participating item, you’ll earn one point.

For Special Offers, you earn points for buying specific items and quantities of those items. When you click on the save tab, click on special offers from the navigation menu. There are usually about twenty different offers.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a basic cash back rewards app. Instead of getting money back for buying specific items at specific locations, it gives you points and rewards based on the number of receipts you upload – no matter what you bought, how much you spent, or where you shopped. Each time you scan a receipt, you earn points and spins.

The spins allow you to play a virtual slot machine where you can win more coins. If you are lucky, you could earn some different money. Each receipt also counts as an entry to their monthly sweepstakes.

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It’s a great app to include in your routine of rebate apps because it accepts virtually any receipt. Scanning and uploading your receipt takes barely any time at all, which gives you a chance of winning coins or their monthly sweepstakes.


Are you looking for a way to save money on gas prices? Trunow is designed to help curb the cost of gas with this sweet app.

This app not only shows you the prices at nearby gas stations, but it also gives you 1% cash back on all your gas purchases.

All you need is to find a location on the app, buy some gas, and then scan your receipt. 1% doesn’t sound like a lot, but think about how much you spend on gas in a year. That can really add up.

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Just like Trunow, GetUpSide allows you to earn cash back per gallon of gas. You can earn up to twenty-five cents per gallon. Plus, gas isn’t the only thing you can earn cash back with on with this app. It is currently location specific but is rapidly expanding. This app is only available in Houston, Austin, and the DC area.


I love Dosh because it is a seamless cash back app that allows you to connect your credit and debit cards and shop as you usually would.

Shopping at stores they are partnered with gives instant cash back while others take time to show up. It’s a straightforward app that doesn’t require you to look for deals on specific items or shop at certain stores. You sign up and forget about it. You’ll receive notifications on all cash back earned and can spend it however you want. How easy is that?


Ebates is an amazing app that a lot of people are raving about, myself included. This app has a lot of great features, but the biggest and primary use of the app is the cash back offers they feature on their site.

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You can save up to 40% from over 2500 online retailers.

Ebates has been around for a while but is still growing with more offers daily. Using the app is extremely simple. Search their website for an online store. If they are partnered with that retailer, you will find details on how much you can get back when shopping through Ebates.

Once you sign up, you get twenty-five dollars for everyone you refer to making the earning potential pretty amazing. It’s important to keep in mind that Ebates doesn’t pay instantly. You must wait for each check to be mailed out quarterly.


BeFrugal is kind of like Ebates, where you get cash back for shopping online. However, the difference is that this app allows you to redeem the money instantly, where Ebates only pays you each quarter.

You can sign up for both sites to pick the best reward so you never miss out on extra cash back and savings.


If you love Ebates and BeFrugal as I do, then you will also love TopCashBack. This app functions basically the same way. You get cash back from shopping through the platform.

You can often find better deals through TopCashBack, so signing up for this as well as Ebates and BeFrugal could bring in a lot of savings.

You also get a ten-dollar bonus when you sign up. That’s pretty much free money to add to your savings, so why wouldn’t you give it a try?

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If you’re like me and you shop at big box stores such as Sam’s Club, Big Lots, and Dollar General, then you will love RetailMeNot. This rebate app is also a website that offers promo cards, gift cards, and coupons for in-store and online shopping. Not only can you earn savings from retail locations, but you can also find great discounts on restaurants, theaters, and entertainment. This app is great for that anniversary date night you’ve been planning for months or that huge shopping trip you’ve been trying to fit into your budget.


Many of us shop at multiple locations for the things we need for our home. ShopatHome gives you cash back and special discounts for thousands of retailers you use regularly such as Walmart and Target. Available on Android and iOS, this app can save you thousands of dollars a year. You can save money on what you buy and get rewards for those purchases. This app is a close second to RetailMeNot, and pairing the two can bring you huge savings.

If you’re planning a huge family vacation, like a trip to Disney World, using rebate apps is a great way to save for the big trip. I used to think using apps such as these would be complicated and time-consuming, but the reality is they are extremely simple to use. Many of them have cut my families shopping expenses in half. Once you start earning cash back and saving money with these great apps, you will never look at shopping the same again. That big trip you’ve been planning for won’t seem so far out of reach. Budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult when you have a team of amazing rebates to put money back into your pocket. The little savings add up to a lot, so you can afford the things that matter most.

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Are cash back apps worth it? ›

Even for savvy shoppers, these apps can let you earn serious cashback. It is very fun to earn rewards while using these Cashback Sites and Apps as they are worth every effort. You can collect significant rewards, whether you are buying new clothes, gadgets, or heading to a grocery store.

Which app is better Ibotta or fetch? ›

Ibotta does come ahead of Fetch Rewards with its different earning opportunities. For instance, if you're shopping at an eligible retailer and you link your loyalty account to the Ibotta app, you can automatically earn rewards without having to scan any receipts.

What is better than Ibotta? ›

Fetch Rewards

Just like Ibotta they also work directly with popular brands to bring you savings on thousands of products every day, no matter where you get your groceries. However, apps like Fetch Rewards are better because you don't have to waste picking offers from different stores like you have to do with Ibotta.

What is the downside of Fetch Rewards? ›

If you don't scan receipts with those Special Offers or participating brand items, Fetch Rewards may not be worth it for you. Your balance will increase by only 25 points per grocery receipt.

How can u get free money? ›

10 Legitimate Ways to Get Free Money Online
  1. Join a Focus Group.
  2. Start Some Freelance Work. ...
  3. Review a Mock Trial. ...
  4. Earn While You Shop. ...
  5. Sign Up for Surveys. ...
  6. Watch Videos. ...
  7. Listen to Music. ...
  8. Play Games.
Jun 30, 2022

Is Ibotta or Rakuten better? ›

Rakuten is an excellent option for earning cash back on online purchases because it doesn't require much effort. Ibotta is a great choice for grocery shopping because it often has offers on many different items you may frequently purchase.

What is better than Fetch? ›

Ibotta also rewards online shopping, so Amazon orders and grocery delivery services will also make you money. It's probably the best receipt rewards app around, and if you want more offer depth than Fetch Rewards, Ibotta is your best bet. To get your cash, you just need to scan your receipts like any other rewards app.

How do you stack cashback apps? ›

How do you stack cash back? You can stack cash back by planning your purchases so you take advantage of multiple rewards programs at the same time. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a rebate or cashback app or browser extension and then pay for your purchases with a cashback credit card.

Does Fetch have a receipt limit? ›

The system currently has a limit of submitting 35 receipts within a 7-day period. This 35 receipt limit is based on the date you snap the receipt, not the checkout date. This simply means that over a rolling 7-day period, you can snap up to 35 receipts.

What app gives cash back from Amazon? ›

Use cashback sites

For example, you can earn up to 5% cash back with Rakuten, and new customers can even earn a $10 Amazon gift card just for signing up. Ibotta also lets you earn up to 6% cash back when you shop at Amazon, depending on what you buy.

Whats the app that pays you to shop? ›

Shopkick is the app that rewards you for the shopping you already do, no matter how you do it. Get reward points (we call them “kicks”) that you can claim for free gift cards! Get kicks (points) when you walk into a partner store, scan the barcode on select products, or make purchases.

Can you use multiple rebate apps? ›

Yes, you can use multiple rebate apps, but it takes a little bit of planning, strategy, and skill. These rebate apps aren't the same as the coupons of yore because with rebate apps you often get reimbursed after your purchase rather than at the register. The end result is the same, though: savings.

How do you get 10000 points on Fetch Rewards? ›

Fast Way to Get 100000 Points on Fetch Rewards App - How I Did It

Which is better Receipt Hog or fetch? ›

Though receipts are worth more points on Fetch Rewards than on Receipt Hog, with Fetch providing 25 points per receipt, it's considerably more difficult to receive a reward. You'll need 5,000 points before receiving just $5.

Is Fetch Rewards the best? ›

Fetch Rewards is not a scam. The company is a legitimate shopping app that rewards users with free gift cards for uploading shopping receipts. Fetch Rewards has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play.

How can I turn my receipt into money? ›

Apps that turn your receipts into cash - YouTube


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